UltraLight Balsa MDF

UltraLight Balsa MDF panels consist of a Balsa core sandwiched between Medium Density Fibreboard skins on both faces, which are typically 3mm thick. The resulting panels stable and lightweight and the MDF face creates a clean surface ready for laying with wood veneers or printing onto. Panels are available in a variety of thickness’ – up to 106mm thick. UltraLight Balsa MDF can be used in applications including wall and ceiling panels, decorative ceiling beams, bulkheads, floating shelving and partitions.
The average weights for these UltraLight sheets are listed below:

2440x1220x15mm 17.3kg
2440x1220x16mm 17.9kg
2440x1220x18mm 18.5kg
2440x1220x21mm 19.7kg
2440x1220x24mm 20.9kg
2440x1220x25mm 21.1kg
2440x1220x31mm 23.2kg
2440x1220x35mm 24.7kg
2440x1220x38mm 25.6kg
2440x1220x41mm 26.8kg
2440x1220x46mm 28.6kg
2440x1220x50mm 29.8kg
2440x1220x56mm 32.1kg
2440x1220x70mm 37.3kg
2440x1220x75mm 38.7kg
2440x1220x81mm 41.1kg
2440x1220x100mm 48.0kg
2440x1220x106mm 50.0kg

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