Austral Hoop Pine Plywood

Manufactured in Australia, using the Australian species of Hoop Pine, this plywood has a high grade ‘A’ face and a lower grade ‘C’ back. It is available as an interior grade, non-structural plywood for applications such as joinery, ceiling and wall panels where a high quality decorative finish is required. Exterior grade is also available, utilizing an ‘A’ grade bond, perfect for damp areas such as bathrooms or laundries.
Austral Hoop Pine plywood is available in 6.5mm, 9mm, 12.5mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm thickness in sheet sizes of 2400x1200mm.
*Please Note: Caution should be exercised when using plywood in free standing applications, particularly cupboard/kitchen doors – plywood is a natural product that can be affected by ambient weather conditions, potentially causing flat sheets to bow when not fixed. Westcoast Panels & Veneer Pty Ltd recommends using plywood only in fixed applications.

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